Hardy Smith: Nonprofit and Association Consultant and Motivational Speaker; www.hardysmith.com

Hardy Smith's White PaperIf you're seeking a consultant and speaker who knows the challenges of today's nonprofit organizations…

I'm the strategist who knows how to lead those same organizations to their greatest potential .

Smith Nonprofit Motivational Speaker ConsultantPicture it…Your volunteers happily fundraise. You have an abundance of board members who are passionate about your organization, all feeling fulfilled and motivated. Your volunteers hunger for opportunities to communicate to the world your nonprofit's purpose and value. You're able to develop, adhere to, and realize the fulfilled goals of a strategic plan that's spearheaded by your energized board members.

And as a result…Your nonprofit exceeds its fundraising goals, your board positions remain filled by active and accountable volunteers, and your organization gains momentum month after month and year after year, becoming more successful than its founders thought possible.

Where do you start? How do you build the connection between the dream and the reality?
Start by maximizing the success of your organization! I can get you on the path today.

NSA National Speakers Association MemberI'm a consultant, author, and speaker whose passion focuses on maximizing the performance of America's nonprofits and associations and their essential leadership teams. Through my exclusive national survey research, corporate public affairs experience, and consultations with nonprofits and associations around the country, and creating dialogues with America's nonprofit leaders, I deliver results. My areas of expertise include:

Recruiting quality and hardworking board members and volunteers;
Implementing effective staff development programs and leader retreats that see results;
Understanding what motivates volunteers to remain productive and loyal to organizations;
Communicating the value of your organization and keeping it relevant in an increasingly competitive marketplace;
AFP MemberDemolishing the obstacles to effective strategic planning in your organization; and
Recognizing volunteers effectively and consistently…

…all with the goal maximizing the success of nonprofits and associations.

Hardy Smith, Consultant and Speaker
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Hardy Smith: Nonprofit and Association Consultant and Motivational Speaker; www.hardysmith.com